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Myers Tutoring is a local organization, located in Carrollwood, Florida, dedicated to enhancing the community. We help students transform their aspirations into achievable goals, setting them on the successful path that so many of our clients have walked in the past.
4534a West Village Drive Tampa, Florida 33618
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Academics       Our staff, having been thoroughly trained in our office, is able to assist a wide range of students at many skill levels. Here at Myers Tutoring, we offer tutoring in all subjects, at levels ranging from Kindergarden through post-collegiate academics. Our teaching methods focus on concepts and real life applications, rather than memorization of material. Providing a learning environment that helps our students understand the “why” and “how” of their academic subjects is our highest priority. 
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Test Prep Myers Tutoring offers individual and group courses for the SAT and ACT. Our program provides students with manageable strategies that simplify standardized tests. The success of our students demonstrates that our unique methods are effective. While the majority of our clients request SAT and ACT, we also offer tutoring services for standardized tests ranging from the SSAT to the GRE.
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4534a West Village Drive Tampa, Florida 33618
Myers Tutoring is located in Carrollwood Village in the VIllage Corners shopping center. Our offices are on the second floor, above New York Bagels.
Call or text: 813-966-9377
4534a West Village Drive Tampa, Florida 33618
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     In short, both. While the SAT and ACT are created independently, virtually all colleges accept both SAT and ACT results. A student should take both the SAT and ACT in order to get baseline scores. It is a good idea to wait until the student gets his or her scores back and weigh in his or her comfort with the questions on both exams.
     The American College Testing Program, or ACT, is gaining popularity every year. The ACT is accepted by all four year universities as a substitute for the SAT. The ACT, however, uses a significantly different testing method than the SAT.     The ACT was created in order to rival the SAT in 1959. Unlike the SAT, however, the ACT was created based solely on academic principles. The results of the ACT were meant to help students decide where they wanted to go to college, and to help colleges decide which teaching methods would be most effective for each student. While the ACT was designed to test straight-forward academic concepts, with more advanced mathematical subjects such as trigonometry and a comprehensive science section. it still can be approached in a non-traditional way.     At Myers Tutoring, students learn the basic skills tested on the ACT as well as the important methods of timing and calculator use. We encourage students to take an SAT and an ACT before focusing on a particular test. Students who attend Myers Tutoring go into the ACT knowing exactly what to expect.
     The SAT Reasoning Test, or SAT, is one of the most popular standardized test in the world. SAT scores are usually examined by college admissions offices under the same weight as a student’s high school GPA. So, needless to say, the a high score on the SAT can change a student’s life forever.       Before taking the SAT, students should take the time to understand the nature of the questions being asked as well as the objectives of those writing the test. The SAT was founded based on the same principles of archaic IQ tests. In fact, the first drafts of the SAT were written by Princeton psychologist Carl Brigham, who also developed some of the first IQ tests in the 1920’s. Questions on the SAT are not based on academic training, but rather intellectual reasoning. The SAT prides itself in “being simple and confusing at the same time.” Students who are able to recognize the origins of the SAT and the motives of its creators are more likely to come up with answers graders are looking for.    Instead of overloading students with the SAT’s misconceiving content of the SAT, we teach them how to think their way through the test. We use unique, proven method that are specifically tailored to the SAT. Every student’s lesson plan in our SAT prep course is tailored to his or her specific strengths and weaknesses
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Individual Tutoring      Individual sessions are one-on-one sessions taught by our highly capable tutors. We use the same materials and curriculum for group and individual sessions, providing students with the option of attend both types of sessions. Individual sessions, however, give the student more time working directly with a tutor on a variety of question types. Individual sessions are $50/hour and can be scheduled on an as-need basis or at a weekly, recurring time.
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Bootcamps      SAT and ACT Bootcamps are two day events that are held the weekend before every scheduled SAT and ACT. Sessions are held 10:30am to 2:30pm on Saturdays and 2:30pm to 6:30pm Sundays. For Bootcamp sessions, we staff multiple tutors and split students into small groups according to the subject they need the most help with. Bootcamp weekends are all encompassing experiences, so we require that students attend both days.
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We offer tutoring in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology
Intro Sessions     An Intro session is a complimentary, one-hour session designed for both parents and students to attend. Intros are hosted by Myers' founder, Gail Myers. During Intros, Gail explains our unique approach toward standardized testing. She reviews and solves authentic test questions, then answers any questions parents and students may have. We recommend that students and parents attend an Intro session before scheduling or attending SAT or ACT sessions at Myers Tutoring. Intro sessions are held weekly and are free of charge.
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Individual Tutoring      Individual sessions are one-on-one sessions taught by our highly capable tutors. We either help students with the materials provided from their courses or help students with their courses with materials from our office. Individual sessions, however, give the student more time working directly with a tutor on a variety of question types. Individual sessions are $50/hour and can be scheduled on an as-need basis or at a weekly, recurring time.
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We offer tutoring in various AP courses. If you are preparing specifically for an upcoming AP course, click the above link to schedule
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We offer math tutoring ranging from elementary math through college calculus
Two Hour Group Sessions      Group sessions are two hours of subject-specific studies for the SAT and ACT. Groups are often split into mini-sessions of 5 or fewer students, with multiple tutors attending to each students' academic needs. We recommend group sessions for students who want to implement the coursework they learn on spot, with guided practice questions and immediate feedback from the tutor. Group sessions are $50 are scheduled leading up to SAT and ACT test dates.
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